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Crowd Control Stand
Crowd Control Stands with Ropes

Our range of Bollards have ball tops, flat tops, chrome and brass finishes to blend in with existing fixtures. Barricades can be shipped to you in two flat packed cartons and include a spanner for easy assembly. Sign Stands are double sided and can be fitted onto a Crowd Control Stand from sizes A4 to A2. Our Signage Division can even design and print in-house your sign.

Crowd Control Ropes

Barrier Ropes are made of braided nylon and chrome or brass finished metal clip ends. Standard sizes for rope lengths are 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0 Metres. Of course, Regency can cut to size any length you require as we have in stock reels of Black, Blue, Red, Burgundy and Green nylon rope. We have sold many Custom Sized Ropes for barricading staircases. We can also design and make signs to attach to rope barriers such as "function room closed" - "closed for maintenance".

Retractable Barriers

Retractable Crow Control Stand

Retractable Belt Stands can used to partition off large areas for high volume queueing events and defining indoor and outdoor dining areas. The Nylon Belt pulls out to 2.0 Metres and attaches to another Bollard giving you one continuous barrier and can be joined at 90 degrees to create a corner. You can gain free public advertising by screen printing your business name and logo on the retractable nylon belt.

Need to have barriers starting from a wall?

Regency has a Belt Receptor that attaches to a Wall and you simply attach the the belt from a Retractable into it.