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Grooved Felt Letterboards

Changeable Letters And Numbers

A strong resurgence of the classical Grooved Felt Letter Board in Cafes, Pubs and Restaurants in Sydney and Melbourne gives patrons an easy to read menu. Seasonal produce often dictates what's on the menu so our quick and easy changeable letters and numbers help you advertise whats on offer.

Regency Grooved Felt Boards are hand made at our Marrickville factory and can be made within a few days from order placement. We can make Letterbaords to an size, framed or unframed, Wall Mounted or Free Standing and have over 5 Felt Colours to choose from.

The most popular sizes range from 450mm x 600mm (Landscape), 600mm x 900mm (Portrait), 900mm x 1200mm (Landscape).

Fonts: Black Felt is undoubtably the most popular colour as the letters and numbers really stand out but other colors include Burgundy and Blue.

We frame our Letterboards with a sturdy aluminium frame and fit hanging wire so you can easily hang your menu.

Regency's range of free standing Grooved Felt Letter Boards include Elegant Stands that are long lasting pieces of furniture to the portable A-Frame.

Letter Board Changeable Letters

Grooved LetterBoard Displays

The Changeable Grooved Felt Letters and Numbers are Uppercase Arial Font and range in size. Packs have been designed with higher quantities of vowels and popular constants.

The Size of the Font you choose is dependent on the size of your Grooved Felt Letterboard and how many words you desire. Our range of White, Silver or Gold colors suit all felt background colors.

Font available in:

Click here for quantites of each particular letter and number relevant to each size pack.