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Whiteboard Accessories

whiteboard accessories
Whiteboard Starter Kit Includes

Regency Whiteboard Cleaning Fluid
Whiteboard Eraser
Whiteboard Marker Pens
Lining Tape

Lining Tape is quick and easy to use, allowing you to create columns and lines. The Lining Tape is 1.5mm wide and the roll is 30 Metres Long.

Magnetic Buttons - different diameters (10, 20, 30, 40mm) Colours - Red, Yellow, Blue, Green and Black.




Regency Whiteboard Cleaning Liquid is for cleaning and maintaining your non-porous whiteboard. All new whiteboards should be cleaned with Regency Whiteboard Cleaning Liquid before being used. For the best result, use the Cleaning Liquid repeatedly every week.

To erase writing during general use of the whiteboard use a dry, clean whiteboard eraser (duster) only. Apply Regency Whiteboard Cleaning Liquid on the Whiteboard surface and wipe with a lint free cloth.