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Porcelain Aluminium Framed Whiteboards

whiteboards Porcelain Aluminium Framed

High Quality and Long Lasting Vitreous Enamel Whiteboard with Sturdy Aluminium Frame and Full Length Pen Tray. Porcelain Steel is made from Glass Baked onto Steel Giving the Surface a non-porous surface and can be used time-after-time for many, many years. Porcelain Whiteboards can be made up to 3.6 Metres Long and 1.2 Metres Wide enabling maximum usage of wall areas.

Porcelain Aluminium Framed Whiteboards are also Magnetic giving you the ability to use Magnetic Dots and Sheets to aid presentations. Available in High Gloss and Low Sheen Surfaces. Low Sheen Surfaced Porcelain Whiteboards are dual purpose as they can also be used as an Overhead Projector Screen.

Porcelain Aluminium Framed whiteboards
How to Install a Porcelain Alumium Framed Whiteboard

Place Porcelain Alumium Framed Whiteboard up to the wall where it is to be installed ensuring it is level and mark on wall where drill holes are to be made in the corners of the frame. Make 4 drill holes and insert either 'Green Plugs'* or 'Wall Mates'* depending on wall surface. Place Porcelain Alumium Framed Whiteboard on to wall (lining up the corner holes of the Porcelain Alumium Framed Whiteboard with the drill holes on wall) and insert Screws into the 4 corner holes. Insert concealer caps over screw holes.

Please note type of wall to be drilled into prior to installing. Gyprock walls require a "Green Plug" and Brick walls require a "Wall Mate" for solid screw insertion into wall.

Please refer to specifications of Green Plugs and Wall Mates for maximum weight allowances and correct installation.



Material Safety Data Sheets available in PDF File Downloads

How to Clean and Maintain Porcelain Alumium Framed Whiteboards

Only Use "Whiteboard" Marker Pens. Use Whiteboard Eraser and Regency Whiteboard Anti-Static Cleaning Solution. Do Not Use Harsh Abrasives such as steel wool or scouring pads to clean Whiteboard as this will permanently damage Whiteboard.

Standard Sizes
450 or 600 x 600mm
600 or 900 x 900mm
900 x 1200 or 1500mm
1200 x 1200mm
1200 x 1500mm
1200 x 1800mm
1200 x 2000mm
1200 x 2400mm
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1200 x 3600mm
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